An exhibition of works by artists from all around the world will be the centre of a cultural event about synesthesia, which will take place in Berlin in March and April 2012. The project requires the artists to work over a period of 3 months in an intense dialogue with a synesthete. The exhibited works aim to give insight into the synaesthetic world of ­perception from the very unique and subjective perspective of the individual artist.

Video: Impressions of the exhibition.

Video: Dominic Gambert & André Schäfer, Andreas Plata
Music: Fallin’ by Julie

Video of the performance

Participatory Performance “Choreography of objects: red downward pressure is A” by Lori Esposito & Duane McDiarmid

Video: Dominic Gambert & André Schäfer, Andreas Plata
Music: DNte

More Photos

Here you can find more photos from the exhibition.

© Lars Heinicke-Klemm, Larissa Wunderlich, Artiom Begot

Impressions from the Opening Event

Video: Dominic Gambert & André Schäfer
Muisc: DNte
Photos: Lars Heinicke-Klemm

A short video clip and photos from the opening event.

Lecture: “Das neue Selbstverständnis des Künstlers” by Duane McDiarmid & Lori Esposito

Teaching Artists or art creating Teacher – what is profession and what dilettantism?

“Duane McDiarmid builds performative events in remote landscape sites. Lori Esposito and Duane have worked collaboratively on a number of occasions, most notably the “Where the fruits of Labor Reside”, a community participatory collaboration. Lori’s work was chosen for the cover of International Science Journal Cortex as a representation of synaesthesia. Her works on paper and paintings have been exhibited across the United States.”

Lori Esposito, Assistant Professor of Drawing at the Rhode Island School of Design and Duane McDiarmid, Associate Professor and Chair of Sculpture and Expanded Practice at the Ohio University, give an insight into their work as artist of the recent years.

In their dual role as Artists and Teachers Lori and Duane represend a modern form of self-understanding of the artist. The limitations of the terms Profession and Dilettantism thereby should be redefined.

Mo 2.4.2012 | 20:00 | ACC Galerie Weimar
Accompanying Lecture of the current Exhibition

ACC | Programme | April 2012

A first glimpse…

Choreography of Objects: red downward pressure is A:
Lori Esposito and Duane McDiarmid perform the letter A in preparation for their participatory performance for ‘cross senses. The audience will perform 28 sounds of letters by way of homemade props.

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A colourful programme on the opening!

While enjoying the exhibition with a fine drink and listening to the warm saxophone sounds of Max von Mosch, there will be the chance to take part in the participatory performance of the Artists Lori Esposito & Duane McDiarmid in the evening.

Later on, we will celebrate the opening with the concert of Juli and Abby Lee Tee. Quendolin Fender and Jinx&Fender will let us dance trought the night.




20:00 Opening of the exhibition with musical delights from jazz saxophon player Max von Mosch
Artworks from: Irene Izquierdo, Duane MacDiarmind & Lori Esposito, Constantin Scholz, Loki English & Bram van der Poel, Daniel Djamo and David Szauder
22:00 Participatory Performance “Choreography of objects: red downward pressure is A” by the artists Lori Esposito & Duane McDiarmid.
24:00 Konzert von Julie & Abby Lee Tee – nu-jazz • pop • soul • trip-hop
1:00 Party mit u.a. Quendolin Fender und Jinx&Fender – funk • soul • afrobeat • rap

Dress up and join the show!

Conference ‘Sinestesia 2012′, Almería, Spain

Last weekend the conference Sinestesia 2012 took place in Almería, Spain. Neuro-scientists, Artists and researchers from all kind of backgrounds met in Almería, to discuss new approaches and recent evidences in the field of synesthesia.
I had the chance to present the project to a very diverse and interested public, furthermore I widened my knowledge on the synesthesia and got to know many interesting and wonderful people. I want to thank the organisators for inviting me and all the contributors for their ideas and the inspiring conversations.

Event calendar published

The extensive and diversified programme framing the exhibition, will offer all interested parties access to this fascinating human phenomenon. Including documentary film screenings, talks and live-acts from synesthetes working as media artists.

Here you can find more information about all events:


General Information such als opening hours for the exhibition can be found here.

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